Monday, May 10, 2010

Do women like men with black painted toenails?

hmm, im not really into it.. but i guess if there was a really hot guy with a good personality, he could probably pull it offDo women like men with black painted toenails?
No, thats sooo 2003! I think I thought it was hot the same year I loved Simple Plan.

Edit: I misread your question. Actually, I never thought painted toenails were hot it was fingernails! I don't know who would think that was hot sorry.Do women like men with black painted toenails?
lolololol gross. my brother (who's 32 btw) paints his toenails blue. and it's very disturbing. but i think it's cuz he's trying to hide some toenail fungus or something. is that what you're doing? hahahahahahhaha
Thats a terrible idea, I would have to restrain my self from wanting to beat up someone for doing that, and girls would think your trying to hide the dirt or fungus under you nails.

it's the ugliest thing ever

it's not even half cool

GOUT is hotter to have on yuor feet than black nailpolish

for a guy
erm.. it's a little strange. but hey, do what you like! it's your body, your life, your choice on what you do =D
Women dressed in drag maybe. but no, black toenails are not attractive. No polish is attractive on a man.
It just shows they're impractical, it's pointless %26amp; a tad disgusting =]
well i dont.thats gross but 1 out of 10 women probably do.but i would rub it off straight away.
if their emo.. but straight girls wouldnt really like it.. kinda weird a man getting painted on there toenails.
I could really care less if my guy had black painted toenails.
generally speaking no
It doesn't look attractive at all. Sorry.
I know Seal does but still.
You know that's just a Fungus.
no , that would look stuipd
  • good makeup
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