Monday, May 10, 2010

What's up with girls liking long toenails?

Every girl I see either has a pedicure or long toenails. I can't stand long toenails. I cut mine as soon as they grow. Long toenails are gross and make you look like you don't take care of yourself.What's up with girls liking long toenails?
I never understood that I keep mine cut short and just polish them. They sell fake toenails just like fingernails i think it is kind of weird i don't want long toenails. But i guess to each his or her own.What's up with girls liking long toenails?
long toenails are sexy on females. Not too long, just a tip. Females wear french pedicure all the time and a longer tip enhances the look of the white tip she's wearing. Check the websites, and you'll see a lot of females into long toenails.

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i don't like long toenails. i agree with you - they're totally gross. i keep mine short and well-groomed.
nOt me!
Long toenails are UGLY! They make you look like you have troll paws or something!
yeah i know it's just nasty i prefer the short clear nail polish than the long colored nails it's nasty and must be so uncomfortable!
they says its not heathy to cut them down to a nub
I dont really like long Toenails..^^
I don't like long toenails, they get on my nerves and they get hung on stuff too easy.
long toenails are sooooo gross!!! yuk!! i can't stand them either! but pedicures are great! as long as you get you toenails clipped in the process!
yuh its gross..
I agree long toe nails are nasty
Im with you....I feel toenails shouldnt be long
i agree!!! toenails (and feet in general) gross me out, i dont see why anyone would want them long...just paint on the french manicure if you are trying to go for that look...
Nothing so long as they are capable of mending their own bed sheets.

Rose P.
It's not that we like long toenails, it's that we don't like cutting our toenails.
i consider them disgusting.
I think long toenails are nasty also! I keep mine short and polished.
I dont like long toenails. I keep mine relatively short. Dont their toenails rip their socks? : )
yeah that's gross i keep mine short and painted

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