Friday, January 15, 2010

What color should I paint my toenails?

i didnt know goth was a color?...but i would go for vomit then at your next party you can hide your toe nailsWhat color should I paint my toenails?
mach them with what your wearingWhat color should I paint my toenails?
Try a pretty deep plum, shimmery black, midnight blue, or even a dark chocolate brown for the winter season.
dark purple or deep red
Put this green glow-in-the-dark on. That'll make for some fun times!
my favorite is coral, its kind of hard to find, but its amazing
Red ,white and green for the Holidays :))
Red,I like red
Red with snowflakes on the big toe
paint it

really bright baby blue

but only if you like colors like that
hey there!

Well it all really depends on what colour of outfit you would be wearing, and if your toes are going to be on display.

You could either match, with whatever you are wearing.

Say Blue with Blue, Pink with Pink. If you rae dark-skinned where brighter more intense colours, if you have pale skin where pallette colours.

You could try the natural approach with a nice french manicure approach or natural tones such as clear, or very very pale pink.

Hope this helps
black, with a thin red front edge!!!
Paint them purple=]]]] or red and green. something cute
If you're going for the season, i would go for red, and if you're going for the fashion and what's hot, go with black....if you want to be unique, go with a cute orange, and if you want to go for a sexy chic, gor for a deep scarlet........good luck.
Get a thin white french manicure, and a skinny line of gold under the white !!!! (( It's Ah - Mazing : ) !!!!
it depend on the ppl around u cause u wan to look nice around them right?U better ask for their opinion to get the best result so tat the guys will hook u up right?
A dark red or brown is always nice for winter.
A reddish brown is always nice for this time of the year...don't go baby blue -- that's just tacky and hooker-ish lol
Puke Green.
i love the colors poor little rich girl and wicked they'll look really good

hope i helped: )
I use the color ';My Chi Wawa Bites';...It's a sexy red color. I love it.
reddish pink. like mine :-)
red but thats sooo 60's
dark red, great for winter and matches a lot of stuff.
bright colours
red and green

(christmas colors)
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